Cloud 9-Josh and Jen Part II

For this, we wanted something very out of touch with reality... consisting of only the highs of love and none of it's lows. It's that time in a relationship where your feet don't seem to touch the ground.. where your friends are mad at you for ditching them for someone else but, at the present time and as far as you're concerned, no one else exists outside of, or apart from, that other person. It's a kind of strange reality that plays by it's own set of rules- not confined to the normal limitations of everyday life. 

It's a place foreign to quarrels as it's yet to even see it's first disagreement. It's that beautiful, naive place that, if it does nothing else, buys you time and holds you fast together until a real, more sustainable love can take root. And when that finally happens, it will be a love no longer be bound and tied to mere emotions and feelings, and you will at last have the ability to actually fulfill and uphold all of those promises you once made- back in that beautiful, naive place in which it was formed.

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