The Non-Wedding-Weddings

      For all of you non-traditional types of brides out there… you aren’t alone. There are a growing number of brides migrating towards the more non-traditional, more personal and intimate type of weddings. And it only seems fitting that, if this pattern continues, we will also see more and more non-traditional wedding dresses (or should we say non-wedding-wedding dresses?) beginning to crop up. Now, we love a great wedding dress as much as the next person but, in our opinion, the emergence of the non-wedding-weddings and the non-wedding-wedding-dresses would be a welcomed thing. You are starting to see more couples opting to have their weddings in smaller, more intimate, more family-oriented settings such as downtown lofts, City Halls, and even quaint restaurants. And afterwards, some form of a fun, just-their-closets-friends-and-family-bash takes place in the celebration of their union. This is something you simply cannot do in BIG production weddings. Be encouraged that just because it’s smaller or different doesn’t mean that it can’t still be very special and wonderfully thought out. They don’t have to be rinky-dink and depressing. On the contrary, they can still be very chic and forward. They can still be nostalgic, sentimental, and special, not only to you, but to all of your friends and family who will be privileged to take part in it. We feel that the most important aspect of a wedding is that ultimately, it’s special. And special looks different to everybody. But to some- big budgets, big weddings and big crowds just don't constitute their definition of special.

     In regards to the non-wedding-wedding dresses, the mass majority of girls simply won’t be able to shake the idea of wearing something other than the formal wedding gown- and that’s totally okay. It just isn't what they envisioned growing up and anything short of that just feels wrong. But for others, and you know who you are, to slip on that formal wedding gown would feel more like putting on a costume than anything else and wearing it would be more for the sake of your family members than for yourself. Does it matter whether a formal wedding dress fits your personality or not? You have to wear it, right??.. or else your marriage isn’t legitimate, it's a sham! Besides, you wouldn’t want your grandmother to faint during the procession because you broke the rules! 
But the truth is that not every bride fits that mold of the long white (and sometimes puffy) wedding gown, and that's okay. We love the idea of having a more un-conventional dress that's accessorized to the tee.
Again, we know that this isn’t for everybody, but for those of you whom this speaks to, this blog goes out to you. Hopefully your encouraged to embrace the idea (rather than run from it because you think something must be wrong with you) of the more non-traditional wedding and dress. Be assured that you can still look absolutely stunning when you walk the down the “aisle” (or whatever you are non-traditionally walking down) in dress that fits your personality. With this photo-shoot we wanted to highlight a couple of different looks that could fit the bill of the category of smaller, more non-traditional type of weddings.  We’d love to hear your responses.

Flowers: Happily Ever Flowers-

Hat Veils: Emma's Bridal Boutique- 

Dress #1(pink-long sleeves): Lilli London-

Makeup: Chelsea Morris-  817.629.6474 

Hair: Katie Anderson-Moore-

Photography: Matthew Moore-


  1. What a freaking amazing shoot...!

  2. Amazing. Matt, seriously.

  3. So soft & pretty! Love the pink dress!


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