New York- Day 3 (Enter Zak and Caitlyn)

 Today was awesome especially since Katie's brother Zak and his wife Caitlyn decided to join up with us.  So after a beautiful two hour drive to the airport in Hartford Connecticut- the fun began. We made a pitstop to Golden Harvest Farms. They sell all kinds of jams and honey and  wonderful homemade pies and apple cider... However, they are best known for their great apple orchards.
This was, believe it or not, our first time EVER in an apple orchard.  Truthfully, I don't think any of us had ever even seen an apple tree in person before. This may sound preposterous to you northerners but apple trees where we come from are in short supply. Since this was my first time, I preferred for the experience be as natural as I could make it.  No middle man, not even a hand- just straight from nature, to my mouth.  It's actually pretty hard to do but, in fairness, I was never any good at that Bobbing for Apples game we used to play as kids.
For some reason Caitlyn HAD to have the apples from the TOP of the tree... even though there are like 15 apples at Zak's eye-level.
 An abandoned school bus in an apple orchard?  Common, could YOU have resisted?
The Mosquito Massacre
Look at our faces.  Do these look like expressions of a good time?  No, they don't.  This is Katie's doing.  She romanticizes everything.  Don't get me wrong. It was a good idea to have a desert-picnic in the middle of a field with fresh cobbler and apple cider. But we forgot one thing.  Mosquito repellent.  I'm talking about a mosquito onslaught that you could only imagine in the Amazon. Katie was determined not to let them ruin our picnic. However, it only took about ten minutes of slapping our own faces before they broke us. We literally just lost our minds and went running back.
We all looked pretty much like this by the end...


  1. Day Three is my favorite so far....what amazingly fun photos! The apple orchard, the apple pie picnic with the mosquitos....perfect!!! Thanks so much for blogging about your trip...keep it coming, I really feel like I'm there with you!

  2. Love, love, love the photos of the beach....the sunset pictures of the beach, the yoga poses with just your silhouettes, the wooden boats (did you know Grandfather build his own sailboat from wood?), Zak being attacked by a lobster, Zak as James Dean, and the photo of you looking like Rich Mullen on the cover of Raggamuffin Gospel....

    This blog just keeps getting better and better Matt. Please don't ever stop the blog! I don't which I enjoy more...the amazing photos or your witty comments!


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