Cloud 9-Josh and Jen Part II

For this, we wanted something very out of touch with reality... consisting of only the highs of love and none of it's lows. It's that time in a relationship where your feet don't seem to touch the ground.. where your friends are mad at you for ditching them for someone else but, at the present time and as far as you're concerned, no one else exists outside of, or apart from, that other person. It's a kind of strange reality that plays by it's own set of rules- not confined to the normal limitations of everyday life. 

It's a place foreign to quarrels as it's yet to even see it's first disagreement. It's that beautiful, naive place that, if it does nothing else, buys you time and holds you fast together until a real, more sustainable love can take root. And when that finally happens, it will be a love no longer be bound and tied to mere emotions and feelings, and you will at last have the ability to actually fulfill and uphold all of those promises you once made- back in that beautiful, naive place in which it was formed.

Josh&Jen Part I


In regards to our love of photographing performers, this is the shoot that started it all.  It was the spark that became the blaze, forever changing the direction of our business. In a sense, performers had now become our first love.  I always had a certain level of respect for performers but never an appreciation to the extent that I do now.  Karah was our first dancer to shoot and I realized that day how every dancer is different, all equipped with their own twists, styles, approaches, and interpretations of what dancing should be.  Her movements were not just beautiful to watch but also fun and kind of quirky.  It was her style and she owned it.  
     My eyes felt opened that day.  The feeling that I got while photographing her was similar to the feeling you get when you see a hummingbird. When you see one, you can't take your eyes off of it. You try your best to appreciate it and to observe as much detail as you can because you know that you only have a few seconds before it vanishes.  But that day I felt as if I'd been given some kind of an ability to make the humming bird stay around awhile longer. Something clicked inside of me and I felt as if  understood him. I felt I could speak his language.  I knew what would scare him off.  I knew how to keep up with him and I knew how to anticipate his movements. 
     It was a very significant shoot. I made a connection that day between performers and photographers that really helped to put me at ease.  I realized that it’s not always about a right way and a wrong way of doing things and that I didn't have to go around mimicking what seemed to be working for other photographers around me.  I realized that day that, just like everyone else, I had my own twist, my own style, my own approach, my own interpretation... my own kind of dance... and I want to own it the way that she did.

Beaver's Bend Oklahoma Trip


     I do not care for gossip and I do not care to fill people in on juicy details of another person’s life simply to validate a point.  But sometimes it is impossible to understand just how far a person has come without understanding where he came from, so I made sure I got permission and clearance for this particular post.

     This is my brother-in-law Zak and his wife Caitlin.  It's been a long, hard-fought road for Zak to get from where he was to where he is now.  For years he has battled with a drug and alcohol addiction.  There were many a prayers and pleas for grace offered up on account of him by his friends and family and many worried and sleepless nights of wondering where he was and hoping he was okay.  And just when you thought he had hit rock bottom it was as if he pulled out a jackhammer, broke through the rock, and continued to dig, finding new depths.    

     But these shots were taken shortly after what seemed to be some kind of invisible, major turning point in his life.  I say invisible because I cannot put my finger on exactly when or where it happened. I just know that when I look at these portraits that there is a very noticeable, tangible, and marked difference between the Zak we all knew and the one represented by these photographs. If you knew him before, when you look at these you sense or even know that something has definitely changed… something looks different.  There is a look of strength and determination set like flint behind the eyes that simply wasn't there a few months prior to taking these.  You sense that he's found something worth holding on to and whatever that something is seems to be returning the favor, as if they've finally reached some sort of agreement or made a pact together.  He looks like he's finally found the peace, serenity, rest, stability, and safety he’s always greatly desired and needed to move forward. He's finally winning.  

 (My mother-in-law, Zak's mother, said she cried when she saw this photo, commenting that she'd never seen him look so happy.)

A Touch of Vanity

     Hi and welcome to my new blog.  Everyone has been telling me to start blogging for years now, but I've always felt a little reticent about doing it and, up to this point, have resisted.  There just seems to be a touch of vanity about the whole idea of it that has always unnerved me.  I feel as if I'll be going about, flailing my arms around and shouting "Hey, look at me!  I'm so INTERESTING!"  But here I am, standing at the threshold of this new and strange world (new to me anyways) of talking constantly about ourselves, of self-promotion, and sharing our every bizarre thought.  But I've decided to enter in and find out first hand what this is all about instead of through mere observation.  I AM, however, excited to have a place to finally put words alongside our images, telling a more complete story.   As for my wife and me, you will learn more about us as we go, whether that be directly through words or indirectly through our work.  I'm also excited to get to know some of you out there as well, so your comments and feedback are certainly welcome. Well, I'm not really sure where one proceeds from here, in this new vain venture, but maybe waking up everyday to this constantly blank canvas called a blog is what people like so much about it... so full speed ahead, I guess!
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