The New Yorkers Texas Wedding

Ahh... The wedding of Glenn and Mariana brings back such sweet memories!  We've been fortunate to encounter many great people on our photographic adventures and have sincerely loved them all, in their own unique way. Glenn and Mariana were far from the exception. We can't wait to be near Williamsburg NY again just to spend more time with them. The first time we met them was in Austin when they came to check out the venue at the Barr Mansion.  It was also a good chance for us to all meet and go over some details about their upcoming wedding. I guess it's no surprise that they wanted to meet over lunch at a good Mexican restaurant, and who could blame them for that? New York isn't' exactly known for their Mexican food and in Texas good Mexican restaurants are in such plentiful supply that it's easy to take them for granted. From the moment we all shook hands, we liked each other. You see, in the same way a New Yorker might have stereotypes of what Texans are like, (i.e. we all have horses) Texans carry with them a few New Yorker stereotypes as well. That said, Katie and I braced ourselves for the possibility of meeting two very cold, very matter-of-fact, very conservative-bashing, too cool for school liberals. But after two and a half seconds of meeting them those thoughts quickly dissolved like sugar in coffee. They were so nice, so easy going, so real! A month or so later Katie and I were in New York to shoot Insoo and Sung's wedding and again found ourselves
 meeting up with Glenn and Mariana- only this time with less stereotypes and greater anticipation.  All that to say, New York is lucky to have them! Let's move on to the wedding.

Since we're on the topic of stereotypes, this wedding was certainly not devoid of them. It seemed very much to be a New Yorkers idea of a Texas wedding. It was so fun! The guys, of course, went to a shooting range the morning of the wedding. With the exception of a few, most of the guys looked like they'd never even seen a real gun in person (a cop's gun in a holster doesn't count), much less fired or even held one before. One guy had clearly derived his ideas on how to shoot from things he'd seen in movies. He held his handgun sideways(until they corrected him) like something out of a modern street gang movie- and yet(as you can see below)his stance definitely bore a striking resemblance to that of Steven Seagal in Marked for Death
The wedding party camped out for the weekend at the Hotel San Jose in Austin, so this is where we did Mariana's getting ready portraits. Hotel San Jose is a very quintessential "Austin" hotel for anyone visiting the city. Even though Katie and I were only able to pop off a few shots of the exterior before the staff stopped us saying they don't allow professional photographers to take pictures outside of the hotel, we  were able to get some great interior shots and were able to sneak a few more of Glenn and his friends out lounging by the pool.  

The wedding itself was held at the Barr Mansion in Austin, which we'd highly recommend.  Very cool place, very professional in the way it's run, and the coordinator(who's name escapes me right now) was a pleasure to work with. The wedding turned out amazing. Mariana and Glen did an incredible job of tying in Texas touches without feeling themed- a fine line to walk. It came complete with a Mariachi band playing while the kids took blind swipes at a piƱata, Texas pecans for favors, and a Texas country band for the dinner entertainment. With Mariana and Glenn both working in creative fields,(Mariana is currently working as a graphic designer for Allure Magazine and Glenn works as a creative/visual manager for J.Crew,)
we knew the wedding would be impressive visually. Which as you can see, it was! However, the thing that Katie and I were most taken back by was the sincere specialness that the wedding held. Both of them just seemed to grasp, sense, and truly understand the weight and significance of the decision being made that day and the result was a tangible buzz of electricity and magic in the air.

If you'd like to see more pictures or hear more details directly from Mariana about their wedding, it was recently featured on Style Me Pretty and you can check it out here
Venue + Catering: Barr Mansion / Wedding Photography: Matthew Moore Photography / Floral Design:Stem Floral Designs / Invitations: The Bride / Invitation Printing: Soho Letterpress /  Wedding Dress: Adam via Net-A-Porter / Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Veil + Sash: BHLDN / Bridesmaid + Flower Girl Dresses: J.Crew / Suit: Yves Saint Laurent / Groom + Groomsmen Ties: C. Chauchat


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